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Jean Robocker
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Member ADBS, APA, ABA, Hollandse Krielenfokkers Club,
Dutch Bantam Club (Britain)

While some hatching will be done year around, it is no longer possible to mail "lives" from Western Montana. Most birds are picked up at the farm. (You can visit Glacier National Park, just an easy drive from the farm, and travel home with your birds.) With the kindness of friends, it may be possible at some times, to ship birds from Great Falls, MT.

Mille Fleur and Cream Mille Fleur will have priority again for 2012. These birds have NO OEGB addition and are produced from bloodlines from Jan Voets, of the Netherlands. There may be LB and CLBs, also from lines that were obtained from several breeder/exhibitors in Holland--DUTCH, Dutch Bantams. It is hoped that these birds may be kept as DUTCH and not contaminated with other Bantam Breeds, for continued lines that can only be improved by remaining exclusively DUTCH!

  0391 04391  
49G Hollandse
  Hen with Chicks Roosting Hen Covering Chicks  

0244 0236 0312
0082 0225 0227

    These Buff and Blue Buff Columbians (below) were sorted out genetically, from the Mille Fleurs of Holland. All of my breeding birds in Buff Columbian, have gone to Roger Parker, MO; Joe Arrington, NC; and Gene Hickman, MT. They are pure Dutch, and are just 4 years in development. Wish I had room to keep them, but can re-make them, if necessary, with the Mille Fleur breeding stock. Meantime contact Roger, Joe, or Gene for future Buffcos.

Buff Columbian/Blue Buff Columbian Buff and Blue Buff Columbian hens Blue Buff Columbian Pair

Hollandse Krielen

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